October’s quiz is about Halloween

Our latest interactive quiz has 10 questions about Halloween.

Why not try it out? You can click on the quiz picture on our home page to get to the questions.

There are also pdf versions of the questions and answers available in our Free Resources section or you can look at them now.

1. What were jack-o-lanterns traditionally carved from?
a.) Pumpkins b.) Turnips c.) Potatoes

2.) In which country did trick or treating start?
a.) Ireland b.) England c.) U.S.A

3.) What do witches ride?
a.) Bikes b.) Broomsticks c.) Vacuum cleaners

4.) How many years bad luck do some people believe breaking a mirror will get you?
a.)10 b.) 100 c.) 7

5.) How many years have people been celebrating Halloween?
a.) less than 100 b.) over 2000 c.) about 500

6.) Which country celebrates ‘The Day of the Dead’ on 1st November?
a.) France b.) Mexico c.) Australia

7.) Which animal is unlucky if it crosses your path?
a.) Black cat b.) Bat c.) Frog

8.) Pumpkins come in white, blue and green, as well as
orange. True or False?

9.) There are no words that rhyme with the colour ‘orange’.
True or false?

10.) Where would you find vampire bats?
a.) Transylvania b.) Australia c.) Central and South America


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