A story about un and une: free French teaching resource

Are your children using our memory tricks to decide whether to use un or une? How are they getting on? Use this story to reinforce the use of un and une with nouns.

The imaginary land of Hexagonie
Once upon a time there was a country whose shape looked so much like a hexagon that everyone living there decided to give it the unusual name of “Hexagonie”. The inhabitants of Hexagonie belonged to different groups and each group had a specificc job to do. One of the biggest groups was known as the nouns. Their job was naming all the different things in the land. As soon as they were born, all nouns had to be registered … .

Find out how the story finishes and share it with your children. The story can be found in Unforgettable French, a book packed full of memory tricks for remembering French vocabulary and Grammar.

If you need lesson plans and more ideas to introduce the concepts of the French language to your class take a look at our Hexagonie books and CDs which provide an innovative way to teach French. Part 1 is aimed at pupils in Years 3 and 4 (or older pupils just starting to learn French). The systematic but flexible format makes the scheme suitable for non-specialists and specialists.

The un and une memory tricks were on a previous post.

We are at the Language Show in Olympia on 21st – 23rd October. We will have copies of our resources for you to look at and we are offering a discount of 20% on any orders taken at the show. We hope to see you on our stand 561.


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