National Stress Awareness Day – PSHE resource

Did you know that Wednesday 2nd November is the 13th National Stress Awareness Day?

It is a pity it won’t be in half term for lot of you! I think I started de-stressing too early because this post is now going out a bit late!

The International Stress Management Association has a great stress-busting balloon popping game on their website. So, that is the adults taken care of, what about the children. I sometimes feel that we hear of too many children being ‘stressed’. Is it just because they hear us complaining about it? It is all about how children perceive their lives and what they feel is stressful. Perhaps if they knew more about others lives they would get a better perspective of their own, an ideal opportunity for some research.

Increasing a child’s self-esteem will foster a ‘can-do’ attitude across a range of activities. This in turn produces a sense of success with children feeling confident enough to take risks in some situations. Feeling capable will reduce ‘stress’ levels.

Try this Full moons exercise. It will develop confidence and self-awareness through controlled breathing and movement. It will also increase dexterity, coordination and calm. it is drawn from Into the Garden of Dreams, a book of enjoyable activities and games to raise self-esteem and expression in the classroom.

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