November’s quiz is a maths one

My son made up this quiz when he was back for the summer. He hopes you enjoy answering the questions.

Do you have any good ideas for quiz topics? We would love to hear them, you can even suggest some questions to go with them (email them to me).

We change the quiz on our website every month. Click on the picture on the home page for the interactive quiz, or go to the quiz resource page to download question sheets and find out the answers.

November’s questions:

1. Which of these is a famous Mathematician?
a.) Pythagoras    b.) Bono    c.)Tony Blair

2. Which of these is prime numbers?
a.) 7    b.) 12    c.) 4

3. How many loaves in a bakers dozen?
a.) 13    b.) 6    c.) 12

4.) How long is a twelfth of an hour?
a.) 12 minutes    b.) 5 minutes    c.) 1 minute

5.) 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21… What is the next term?
a.)50    b.)27    c.)34

6.) Which famous Mathematician had an apple land on his head?
a.) Issac Newton    b.) Galileo Galilei    c.) Pierre de Fermat

7. What is 63 times 17?
a.) 693    b.) 1071    c.) 991

8. What is 698 divided by 4?
a.) 174.5    b.) 180.25    c) 177.5

9.  How many prime numbers less than 50 are there?
a.) 13    b.) 17    c.) 15

10. Using all the digits of the schools phone number once and mathematical operations how many numbers can you make?


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