Which sound?: free creative teaching resource

Someone told me the other day that Japanese is learnt phonetically in such a way that children can quickly read fluently without understanding the words.

I was also told that Spanish is taught using phonic blocks which means that it also can be read fluently from a very young age. Not being fluent in either language I’m not sure of the truth in those statements but they are still fascinating. Do they not have idiosyncracies like English?

Where would we be without our silent ‘k’ in knife, know … ? When I was learning to read and spell my father would always tell me that the ‘z’ is soft, like in elephant!

This worksheet asks children to pick which letter they think starts the word shown by the illustration and write the words if they can.

It is drawn from How to Sparkle at Phonics, a book of worksheets for practicing phonics at KS1.


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