Why are boys often competitive?

The simple answer? Hormones.

A simple answer but a complex issue. Testosterone, which is between 10 to 20 times higher in adolescent males than females, accounts for the difference. For boys, competition is also a part of nurturing, encouraging each other to achieve their full potential rather than ignoble ease, something that too many males fall easily into. Males can bolster their self-image through healthy balanced competition which reveals their strengths (Gurian 1996: 33).

Why not try this competitive teaching idea? Boys will enjoy the competitive element of having set boundaries to work to and girls will enjoy the challenge of the exactness of the task.

Word and time boundary
What you need: nothing
Subject links: any
✦ Write a text about a given topic in EXACTLY 200 words or in EXACTLY 10 minutes.
✦ Alternatively, write down a clear definition in exactly 20 words. All words produced MUST make sense and be grammatically accurate.

This idea is drawn from our latest resource, 100+ Fun Ideas for Teaching Boys in Primary School.


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