Brian Moses’s blog inspires children to write poetry

Sometimes we all need inspiration – a little something to get us started – especially when we’re asked to do something we’re not sure we’re very good at doing. That’s why I was delighted when Brian Moses sent me the link to his blog for young writers and readers.The blog at has the great heading ‘Welcome to the Ssssssnake Hotel’ is a wonderful mixture of poems (from Brian and others), writing tips, personal antidotes and reviews. I particularly like his Imagination Stretching Ideas.

For example, why not try writing in rhyming couplets?

Think of a place where you could find a big collection of different items – the loft, garden shed, cupboard under the stairs, garage, under your bed, under your bother’s bed…..

Now write a poem in rhyming couplets to show what’s there. The following poem was written by Maisie Boyle from Hawkhurst CEP School:

Under my bed
you can find anything…

A smelly sock,
a sticky rock.

A slippery mat,
a slimy cat.

A chocolate bar,
a rusty car.

A mouldy sausage,
a sailor held hostage.

Florence Nightingale,
an exam I failed.

An African mask,
a massive flask.

A cup of tea
and last of all, ME!

Isn’t the rhythm of the poem fantastic?

There are lots of other great ideas for writing poetry and prose in Able Writers in Your School, written by Brian Moses and Roger Stevens. With their great ideas, anyone can be an able writer!

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