Visualize changing shapes: free PSHE teaching resource

We all have the ability to explore journeys in our minds.

There has been much research and development within education in recent years, on the importance of stimulating and motivating the brain and the body to achieve optimum learning.

Visualization can be used on many different levels to develop the individual child and enhance the curriculum. Visualization techniques and journeys of the mind allow children to expand and explore their creative minds and therefore extend imaginative and creative thinking processes; as now identified by the DfE as a key aspect of learning within education. Visualization affords the opportunities to teach children how to relax and reflect on their own thoughts rather than simply relying on external stimuli to relax.

It is important that visualizations for children are within the realms of their current knowledge of the world around them and that the children have an understanding of the vocabulary used; both for real and fantasy journeys.

Try this visualization. After concentrating on their breathing to relax, take children on a journey in their mind where they see objects change shape. You can then work through the ‘waking up sequence’.

This visualizations supports spatial awareness and work linked to geometry and transitions. This can be developed with the terminology of enlargement and translation of shapes. Drawing both 2D and 3D shapes can reveal not only what has been seen but also the angle and perspective from which it has been observed.

This journey has been drawn from The Vision Within.


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