To all coffee drinkers – a science conundrum

I’ll admit it, I am a coffee drinker. Mostly decaffeinated nowadays – I do like a good nights sleep. Did you hear about the latest research?

Apparently there is a daily allowable dose of caffeine! Some good coffee has so much you are limited to one cup a day. I have also just read that if you drink too much coffee you may start seeing things! Drinking caffeine is not good during pregnancy – I don’t remember being told that many years ago when I was pregnant but I do remember being told to steer clear of caffeine if I was breastfeeding otherwise I’d never get the baby to sleep.

As I was ‘surfing the web’ to find some of this information I came across the Daily Coffee News – Business News for Specialty Coffee Roasters. How easily we get sidetracked, it is an interesting read.

Anyway, back to my conundrum …

I was always told not to put wet spoons into jars of powder – such as coffee – because it would make it damp. When I said that to someone recently they said it doesn’t because all the damp powder/granules stick to the spoon and end up being taken out of the container.

Would anyone like to devise a science project on this with their class and let me know the results?

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  1. Loved your post! I’ll certainly be visiting more. Looking forward to more.

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