Planet shapes: free science teaching resource

I watched the end of the BBC Stargazing Live program yesterday. It was fascinating, I wish I had managed to watch from the beginning. What a wonderful way to enthuse children about science and astronomy. It got me thinking about planets…

In the book Physical Processes (Project Science series) there is a section on The Earth and beyond. This worksheet asks about the shapes of planets. Some research may be needed.

On the BBC Stargazing website you can help find exoplanet. It involves looking for anomalies in data from space for as long or a short a time as you like and the results will be given out in the last programme. How cool is that?!

The presenters interviewed Captain Eugene Cernan, the last man ever to walk on the surface of the moon, 40 years ago. They showed the landing stage of his rocket and the moon buggy that are still on the moon. The tracks between the two are still visible – there is no wind to move the surface because there is no atmosphere or gravity. The Captain is convinced we will go to Mars, probably in your pupils lifetime. Would they like to be on that mission?


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