Answers to January’s quiz about Spain

We hope you enjoyed finding out about Spain and answering our questions. We are publishing the answers in this blog so you can compare what you have found out with what our quizmaster has come up with.

1.What is a famous cultural form of entertainment in Spain?
b) Bullfighting
2. What is the modern currency of Spain?
c) Euro
3. What is the capital city of Spain?
a) Madrid
4. Which of these is a famous Spanish dish?
c) Paella
5. How many times have Spain won the FIFA World Cup?
c) 1
6) What is the official language of Spain?
a) Spanish
7) What is the population of Spain?
a) 46,030,109
8) Who is the King of Spain? (January 2012)
c) Juan Carlos
9) Who is the Prime Minister of Spain? (January 2012)
a) Mariano Rajoy
10) Which side of the road do you drive on in Spain?
a) Right

You can print out a copy of the answers to distribute if you need to.


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