February’s quiz is about France

This is our second quiz about France. The topic was chosen by a work experience student who was with us for a week in January. She compiled the questions and answers and also created the interactive quiz you can try from our website home page.

We change the quiz on our website every month. Click on the picture on the home page for the interactive quiz, or go to the quiz resource page to download question sheets and find out the answers.

Do you have any good ideas for quiz topics? We would love to hear them, you can even suggest some questions to go with them (email them to me).

These are the questions and answer choices for February’s quiz on France:

1. What is the capital city of France?
a.) Lille    b.) Paris    c.) Bordeaux

2. What is the order of colours on the French flag?
a.) Blue White Red    b.) White Blue Red    c.) Red White Blue

3. What do the French celebrate on July 14th
a.) Bastille Day    b.) Pancake Day    c.) Independence Day

4.) What animal are the French most famous for eating?
a.) Dog    b.) Frog    c.) Cat

5.) Who is the President of France? (2012)
a.) Francois Fillion    b.) Albert Lebrun    c.) Nicolas Sarkozy

6.) What is one of the national dishes of France?
a.) Croissants    b.) Pot-au-feu    c.) Sunday Roast

7. What is the currency of France? (2012)
a.) Euro    b.) Franc    c.) Dollar

8. Which of these is a French tradition?
a.)Thanksgiving Meal
b.) Sticking fish on people’s backs on April 1st
c) Fish and chips on a Friday

9.  What item of clothing are the French stereotyped to wear?
a.) Beret    b.) Bowler hat    c.) Clogs

10. What shape is France referred to?
a.) The square    b.) The triangle    c.) The hexgon



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2 responses to “February’s quiz is about France

  1. Mia

    Thank you so much for the post, it was interesting reading.

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