Aeroplane maths: free teaching resource

Are you flying anywhere nice for a holiday soon? Do you have children who love everything about planes, or not? Try this maths game to keep them busy whilst you are travelling.

Aeroplane maths needs a little bit of preparation before you go, or you can make the pieces on the move (less professional but more fun if you get the children involved!).

Children are challenged to match dots to the correct numerals found on plane bodies and tails.

Have fun! How about matching capital and lower case letters or simple words in English and French?



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2 responses to “Aeroplane maths: free teaching resource

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    I have discovered some considerations through your blog post post. One other subject I would like to state is that there are various games that you can buy which are designed specifically for preschool age young children. They consist of pattern identification, colors, animals, and designs. These usually focus on familiarization as an alternative to memorization. This keeps a child engaged without sensing like they are studying. Thanks

    • Thank you for your comment on our blog. You have picked-up on one of our objectives – make learning fun and children don’t realise how much they are actually familiarising themselves with in fact they don’t realise they are learning at all.

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