World Book Day 1st March: Meet the author

If you are anywhere near Crewe on World Book Day this year, make the time to dip into Waterstones to meet Stewie Scraps and his creator. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, there is an alternative.

Sheila Blackburn, an experienced Primary school teacher and author of the Stewie Scraps books, is visiting Waterstones in Crewe with Stewie and his pet rat Bugsy (Sheila’s “Brilliant” puppets!). Sheila will be reading from the stories and entertaining children (and adults) with her wonderful puppets.

If you can’t make it to Crewe, there is a solution – Sheila, Stewie and Bugsy could come to your school! You can read what Sheila has to say about herself and Stewie on Stewie’s website. You can read some chapters of Stewie’s stories on the site too.

Stewie has also come up with the idea for a competition. He loves building and designing things and would like to see your children’s ideas for a Super Hero costume. More details are on his website


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