March’s quiz is about Cubism

We have chosen a more specific topic for March’s quiz in the hope that it will be more useful for you. Comments, as always, gratefully received.

We change the quiz on our website every month. Click on the picture on the home page for the interactive quiz, or go to the quiz resource page to download question sheets and find out the answers.

Do you have any good ideas for quiz topics? We would love to hear them, you can even suggest some questions to go with them (email them to me).

These are the questions and answer choices for March’s quiz on Cubism:

1. Which two artists formed the art style Cubism?
a.) Pablo Picasso & Georges Braque
b.) Pablo Picasso & Chuck Close
c.) Georges Braque & Chuck Close

2. When was Cubism formed?
a.) 1904      b.) 1000BC      c.) 1907

3. Picasso was born in which country?
a.) Spain      b.) France      c.) England

4.) One of Picasso‛s most famous paintings is called…?
a.) Fruit dish and glass    b.) Guernica    c.) Violin and candlestick

5.) Picasso was one of the best known artists in what century?
a.) 20th Century    b.) 21st Century    c.) 19th Century

6.) Braque was born in which country?
a.) Spain     b.) France      c.) England

7. What style were Braque‛s first important paintings?
a.) Fauvism    b.) Photorealism    c.) Abstract

8. Braque suffered a head injury in which war?
a.) Cold War   b.) Korean War    c.) WW1

9. How many years did Braque and Picasso work together?
a.) 7      b.) 9      c.) 8

10. How many children did Picasso have?
a.) 7     b.) 2     c.) 4

We have many resources that not only tell you all about the various art movements but also how to teach your children the skills to produce their own works of art.

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