Examples of Bad Maths: free teaching resource

Do you ever actually check whether the supermarket offer you have been taken in by is actually better value for money? There has been a lot of coverage recently on some supermarket offers not being a saving.

The pictures on this site are wonderful tools to use to show children how taking the time to apply their maths skills in the real world can actually save them money! The site has pictures of crazy special offers and examples of things that just don’t add up.

As reported in the Guardian, a study has found that a fifth of teenagers leave school so illiterate and innumerate they are incapable of dealing with the challenges of everyday life.

So, are the shop offers just a mistake or do they think no-one checks any more? In the days when every child seems to know its rights, will they get so incensed by shops not checking offers properly that learning maths will seem like a way to fight back?

Why not try our activity that asks pupils to work out which sweets they could buy with a certain amount of money. Perhaps they would appreciate some visual incentives, why not use role play coins and food items if you have them to extend the activity? Try getting children to think of what offers they would display if the sweets were in their shop. Attitudes may change when they realize their profit goes down with the offer.


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