Draw a monster to practise body parts vocabulary: free language teaching resource

You can only sing ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ so many times in ANY language! So how about singing ‘2 heads, 6 arms, 5 eyes and 20 toes’? Or even ‘2 huge red eyes, 4 wavy blue arms and 3 small green toes’?

Draw a Monster

Draw a Monster

To practise the vocabulary for parts of the body, ask the children to draw and describe a monster giving them free rein to add as many of each body part as they want and to colour it as they wish. (Singing about it is optional!)

Use this activity with a link school. The children describe a monster and send the description to their pen friend.

The pen friends draw the monster according to the description and then return it to the original designer.

This works well and the children love seeing their monsters drawn by someone else. We’d love to have a go at drawing your monsters. Why don’t you send your descriptions to us? We’ll let you see how we get on!

As they become more confident the use of colours and sizes increases their descriptive powers.

This is one of the many invaluable ideas found in 100+ Fun Ideas for Practising MFL in the Primary Classroom.


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