French Cognates Quiz: Vrai et faux amis

I have a real treat for you today. This latest quiz has been submitted to us by one of our blog/twitter followers. Rather than make you all wait to try it I thought I’d spoil you with a mid-month challenge.

What is the true meaning of the following French words?
1. Ancien
a) a ruin             b) former            c) ancient

2. Inconvenant
a) improper            b) inconvenient        c) unfriendly

3. Conducteur
a)  (orchestra) conductor      b) driver    c) (bus) conductor

4. Lotion
a) relaxation            b) friendliness        c) lotion

5. Ignorer
a) to ignore         b) to drill a hole        c) to not pay attention

6. Taxable
a) a stuffed item        b) a taxi            c) taxable

7. Efficient
a) efficient            b) lazy            c) helpful

8. Blesser
a) to bless            b) to sneeze            c) to injure

9. Gentil
A. a non-Jewish person    b) kind            c) gentle

10. Contrôler
a) to check            b) to ask            c) to allow

As always, pdf versions of the questions and answers and access to an interactive version can be found on the quiz page in our Free Resources section.

Has this given you some ideas for other quizzes we could offer? We love receiving ideas and comments from you. Why not compile your own quiz and send it to us?


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