The language of Shakespeare: free teaching resource

We have resources that help students understand Shakespeare’s language and plays from the Elizabethan era. Now imagine seeing his plays performed in almost any language you can think of, including British sign language.

The Globe Theatre in London currently has a Globe to Globe festival running. They are bringing together artists from all over the world, to enjoy speaking the plays in their own language, in the Globe, within the architecture Shakespeare wrote for. The artists will play the Globe way – telling stories through the word and the actor, complemented by costumes, music and dance – and will complete each play within two-and-a-quarter hours (they hope). It is felt that by reading between the lines and reacting to the actors intonation, body language and movement the plays will be understood even if the language isn’t.

You can even sign up to be an ambassador if you know any of the languages that will be used.

In keeping with the Olympic spirit that is running high in the UK at the moment you can sign up for all sorts of performance deals, including the Olympic package of seeing all 38 plays that will be performed throughout the festival!

Why not whet your students appetite by showing them how Shakespeare used the language of his time. We have three resource books with photocopiable worksheets of puzzles and games that will help students understand Shakespeare’s meaning; How to Dazzle at Romeo and Juliet, How to Dazzle at Twelfth Night and How to Dazzle at Macbeth. You will find free teaching resources for each book on our website along with a contents list.


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