The most effective way of ensuring that children reach their potential

The need to ensure that all children constantly progress and reach their potential, and over time expand that potential, has always been fundamental to education. The aim is not only to take the gifted and talented pupils and help them make the most of their talent, but also to release the potential in others.

The only issue remains: what is the most effective way of achieving this?

Recent trials at a large number of schools have found that they could make a real difference in increasing level 4s to level 5s on writing SATS by using a number of techniques which mentally stimulate and challenge pupils. The findings of these trials are now incorporated into three of our resources.

Able Writers in Your School. Many children have a real ability for writing. Not only are their technical skills well developed, but they also have a flair for taking risks with their writing. Over 70 inspirational examples of children’s work show the standard achievable as you unlock their potential with these activities.

Suggestions for poetry range from taking an idea and stretching it to making the familiar scary and dealing with serious issues. The chapters on prose include creating a realistic character, building conflict, looking at point of view, and developing dialogue.

Click here for sample pages and more information.

Brilliant Activities for Gifted and Talented Children covers many types of creative and critical thinking skills that will enable children to develop their cognitive processes. The work that the children produce will be extremely different because the activities allow room for creativity and open-ended answers. Some of the activities can last for days; others, such as the brainteaser section, can be used for a quick warm-up to spark interest and excite the brain.

Click here for sample pages and more information.

Finally, Brilliant Activities for Stretching Gifted and Talented Children will help you to meet the challenges of providing the mental stimulation for a gifted child. The activities will stretch your pupils’ analytical, creative and evaluative skills. Activities range from quick warm-ups, brainteasers and maths-focussed activities to entertaining, open-ended exercises for pupils to complete independently.

Click here for samples pages and more information.


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