Spanish Towns and Cities interactive quiz

Our quiz for May is about Spanish towns and cities. You can cover geography, cultural comparisons and also introduce some Spanish vocabulary – very versatile!

You can click on the quiz button on our home page to find the interactive multiple choice quiz or go to our free resources page and click on quizzes for PDF versions. The answers are already available or you can wait until the end of the month when they are posted on the blog.

1. Donostia is the Basque name for which Spanish city?
a.) Santander   b.) San Sebastian   c.) Bilbao

2. In which Spanish city would you find the Guggenheim Museum?
a.) Bilbao   b.) Madrid   c.) Cádiz

3. Which Spanish city is famous for its oranges?
a.) Granada   b.) Sevilla   c.) Valencia

4.) Where is La Alhambra?
a.) Madrid   b.) Barcelona   c.) Granada

5.) Where was Pablo Picasso born?
a.) Málaga   b.) Murcia   c.) Madrid

6.) Which Spanish city is twinned with Miami?
a.) San Sebastian   b.) Cádiz   c.) Murcia

7. Where can you find Europe‛s largest aquarium?
a.) Bilbao   b.) Barcelona   c.) Toledo

8. Madrid is the highest capital city in Europe.
a.) True   b.) False

9. Which Spanish city was renowned for its sword-making?
a.) Bilbao   b.) Huelva   c.) Toledo

10. Which Spanish city shares its name with a famous bank?
a.) Granada   b.) Santander   c.) Valencia

Ask your pupils to find out the key facts for one of the towns/cities and present what they have learned to the class.


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