Olympics Sports in French: free French teaching resource

The enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the Olympics makes it an ideal topic for teaching French.

We have noticed MFL teachers like you are trying to find resources linked to the Olympics to help teach French. With this in mind we have produced a photocopiable resource book based around the 26 Olympic Sports.

The French Olympics Topic Pack gives pupils an opportunity to learn and use the words for many different sports as well as practise vocabulary for colours, weather, numbers and travel.

What’s more, using the information on France at the Olympics included in the resource will help you address some of the Intercultural Strand of the Framework for Modern

The French Olympics Topic Pack contains photocopiable activities and games which include:

  • flashcards
  • picture flashcards
  • word searches, crossword puzzles and other word games
  • listening activities
  • bingo and other games
  • sentence building activities
  • background information for France at the Olympics.

Why not get a taster by requesting a FREE PowerPoint display for teaching the names of the Olympic sports. Click through from the link on the book page.


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