Valentinstag: teaching ideas for German

Germany has only recently started to celebrate St Valentine’s Day. As in this country, it is celebrated on 14th February, when people send romantic cards and presents to each other.

Here is a German St Valentine’s Day poem:

Rosen, Tulpen, Nelken
Alle Blumen welken
Nur die eine welkt nicht
Und die heißt Vergissmeinnicht.

(Roses, tulips and carnations, All flowers wilt, The only one that doesn’t, Is called a ‘Forget me not’.)

You could try some freeze framing. Ask some children to freeze in a traditional Valentine’s
Day pose (for example, man on one knee, proposing) then, as a class, discuss what each
character is thinking, feeling and saying.

More St Valentine’s Day activities can be found in German Festivals and Traditions.

There is also a Valentine’s Day chapter in Gute Idee that includes matching cards, a wordpuzzle, anagrams and other activities.


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