French Phonics in Action!

Sue Cave, one of the authors of Physical French Phonics, has just posted a great video that she’s done on the Physical French Phonics Facebook page. The video shows Year 6 children doing the actions for all 26 phonemes covered in Physical French Phonics.
The boy in the front is holding up resource cards that have been downloaded from the DVD. Also on the DVD are:

  • Video clips of French speakers saying each sound and performing the associated action
  • Video clips of French speakers saying and acting out key words, carefully selected to introduce all the French phonemes
  • Video clips of French speakers demonstrating how liaison works in practice
  • Audio clips of all the phonemes and words introduced
  • Attractive full-colour flashcards and resource sheets, giving you access to ready-made colourful resources for displays and games
  • Interactive white-board files for all the phonemes so, once you understand the system, you can make your own phonic resources to accompany any topic.

I particularly like eh IWB files, as these enable you to make your own phonic resources.

You might be wondering why there are only 26 phonemes in Physical French Phonics, when there are more in the French language. The reason for this is simple. The scheme is aimed at English speakers and we haven’t included phonemes that are written and sound the same in English.

You can find more information on Physical French Phonics on our website.


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