What’s the most effective way to encourage boys to read?

According to a report issued in July 2012 from the National Literacy Trust, boys are underachieving in reading.  In fact an estimated 60,000 boys are not reaching the required levels of reading by the age of 11.

It seems that it is always going to be an uphill struggle to get some boys involved in literacy, but what can be done to help change this?

While there is no doubt that parents play a key role in encouraging their children to read at home, the National Literacy Trust recommend a number of ways to help engage boys more in reading in the classroom.

Their suggestions include having a dedicated half hour at the end of every day devoted to reading and writing, regular visits from storytellers, theatre groups, poets, writers of fiction and non-fiction, and also encouraging the enjoyment of reading in the early years, instead of learning the rules of literacy.

In order to help encourage reading for boys (and girls also), we have developed our range of Stewie Scraps books.  They all focus around a boy called Stewie Scraps who doesn’t like school much but who is a genius at technology. Each book involves gripping story lines to keep the children engaged and interested. The reader follows Stewie as he creates a new invention and sets off on an adventure, whilst wanting to find out what the outcome will be.

To see the full range of books and for more information and free downloadable chapters, take a look at our website.


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