November Newsletter

News, new titles, freebie of the month – we’ve got something for everyone!

We have so much to tell you about this month, please read right to the end!

Christmas is coming – but don’t panic!

As ex-teachers we know how busy December is in schools – Christmas concerts, nativity plays, visits from Santa, presents to make – not to mention end of term reports! Sometimes, with so much disruption to the day, it is difficult to fit in any real learning, especially when the children are more interested in talking about what Santa might or might not bring them. That is why we’ve written several books, all filled with brilliant Christmas ideas. (Well, we would say they were brilliant, wouldn’t we?)

Here is a link to our best selling Christmas titles. They are all available as e-books from our website, so you don’t even need to wait for your copy to arrive in the post.

Joyeux Noël! ¡Feliz Navidad! Frohe Weihnachten! Buon Natale!

Many of our MFL books have Christmas activities in them, but until now they haven’t been available separately. To remedy this, we’ve searched through all our MFL books and created 20 special mini e-resources.

So, whether you are looking for French Christmas songs, a Christmas writing activity for German or information on how Christmas is celebrated in Spain and Italy, we have resources for you. These mini e-resources cost from only £1.99 each, so it is easy for you to pick and choose to create the perfect Christmas resource pack to suit your needs.

To see the resources, simply go to MFL: Christmas on our website subject list.

This month’s freebie

Having told you all about our new mini e-resources for Christmas we felt there was no better way to show you how versatile, fun and accessible they are than by offering one of the French Christmas songs as a freebie.

Mon Beau Sapin is an interactive pdf which means the song (a vocal and instrumental version) is embedded in the file, you just click to play once the page is on your screen and then everyone can join in! Why not learn the song for an assembly or a Christmas concert?

Ask for your free copy of this resource:

Do you teach French to reception/KS1 children?

The spontaneity and lack of inhibition of early years and KS1 children make them exceptionally receptive to learning a foreign language. Petites Étoiles capitalizes on this, providing a wealth of practical, play-oriented activities, all based on popular topics such as toys, food, animals and celebrations.

Each unit focuses on a rhyme or song and contains sufficient activities for at least half a term. The accompanying DVD contains video and audio files, colourful resources and IWB files, making this resource not only incredible value for money, but also very supportive for the non-specialist teacher.

What makes Brilliant Publications different from other educational publishers?

At a recent conference Priscilla Hannaford, co-owner of Brilliant Publications, got into a discussion with a teacher about what makes our books different. It started because the teacher said she liked the picture Priscilla uses for her Twitter profile (@BrillCreative). The teacher went on to say that she felt the picture really suited Priscilla and our company as it reflected the creative approach to learning that pervades all our books. Needless to say, Priscilla was practically dancing in the aisles, as that is exactly the image she wanted to convey when she chose the picture for her Twitter profile

Do you agree? What do you think makes our publications different? We’d love to hear your views.

Conferences in your area?

If you are planning a conference or exhibition (or know of one happening in your area), and you feel that we should be there, please let us know. We can’t promise to attend every conference – we are a fairly small team – but we are always happy to send sample books and promotional materials to those we can’t attend in person.


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