Jump, shout and draw the times tables

What is the most effective way of teaching times tables to every child?

The key issue with teaching times tables is not only making sure that children know their times tables up to 12 by Year 4 but that they can apply this knowledge to solving maths based problems.

To help with the pressure this puts on teachers and pupils, we have developed our Mighty Multiples Times Table Challenge resource.

The challenges in Mighty Multiples appeal to all types of learners, visual, auditory and kinesthetic, so everyone can be involved in the activities and have fun learning tables.

The book includes activities, songs and poems for all the tables up to 12 along with a CD version that children can listen to and sing along with.

Problem solving is integral to the scheme, giving pupils practice in using and applying their times tables in real life situations.

Throughout the activities, at each stage the times tables learning is linked with a sporting character, such as 100m Peter and Triathlon Saffron, with the character undertaking challenges that have to be resolved.

Numerous ideas and activities are included which last 5, 10 or 30 minutes – and thus can be slotted into even the busiest of timetables.

The Mighty Multiples Times Table Challenge works best as a whole school scheme that starts in reception with number stories and stretches to Year 6, if necessary.  It is suitable for all abilities and includes and challenges each individual.

There are also helpful tips to get parents involved with practising times tables at the park or in the car, making learning maths fun for the whole family.

A contents page, free audio files and a number of free resources are available on our website.

Once you are on our secure site, ordering is easy!


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