What are children thinking about at this time of year?

If a lesson connects directly with what is on the children’s minds, then the speed and depth of learning is greatly enhanced.

It has always been known that the more that classroom activities are connected to positive aspects of everyday life, the easier it is to motivate children.

But the great problem of course is that a lot of the everyday lives of the children does not connect with what we want to teach.

However there is this annual event (known as Christmas), which one doesn’t even have to mention to raise interest and excitement.  It is there all day, every day, on every street, in every shop, on every internet site, on every TV channel.

And that is why we have devised our Christmas Maths Activities Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 resources.

Christmas Activities for Maths contains festive mathematical activities which are linked to the National Numeracy Strategy targets – which makes integrating them into your planning easy.

In short, we combine the event on everyone’s minds with the curriculum.

Even better, these books are available from our website as e-books.  So they can be downloaded now for immediate use.

The Key Stage 1 resource will have reception children practising counting from left to right and adding one on to help Santa load his sleigh. Year 1 children can sort toys into pairs and estimate the number of stars. Year 2 children will have the opportunity to learn about money when buying presents and can practise counting back in 10s with starry numbers.

The Key Stage 2 resource will help reinforce children’s knowledge of number bonds, increase their understanding of fractions and percentages, and give them practise calculating the areas of 2-D shapes.

A range of free sample teaching resources are available on our website.

So, use all that Christmas enthusiasm to create great pieces of work. We have other Christmas activity books available – you can see them all by clicking here.


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