Les Jeux Olympiques d’hiver. The Winter Olympics – a hot topic!

Use the Olympic ‘buzz’ to extend your students’ French skills.

Les Jeux Olympiques d’hiver are certainly a topic that will grab your students’ interest. Building on the ‘buzz’ created by the Summer Olympics in 2012 inspire your students to extend their French vocabulary, grammar, speaking and writing skills with these text passages and activities about the Winter Olympics which are presented entirely in French.

Available as an e-book for immediate download, you could be using this resource with your class tomorrow.
The book consists of 14 reading passages in French that supply background information on the Winter Olympics and how selected sports are played. Each passage is approximately one page in length.
There are questions on each passage that can be completed orally or as written work.
Students’ language skills are challenged by research and activity topics. Vocabulary is reinforced with a word search for each sport.
The sports included are: le biathlon, le bobsleigh, le curling, le combiné nordique, le hockey sur glace, la luge, le patinage artistique, le patinage de vitesse, le ski acrobatique, le ski alpin, le ski de fond, le surf sur neiges, le saut à ski.
Free sample pages on La Luge are available on our website so you can see the type of reading passage, questions and activities that are contained in the book and try them out with your students.

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