Mr Gove’s 12 MFL requirements. All ticked and done

Read carefully, show understanding. (And that’s just one of the 12!)

The new KS2 Programme of Study for modern foreign languages is set out with the sentence “Pupils should be taught to…” – a sentence that is completed in no less than 12 different ways, from “listen attentively to spoken language” to “understand basic grammar”.

That’s quite a lot of requirements, but our Hexagonie French resources meet all 12 of the new statutory curriculum requirements.

This includes topics from exploring the patterns and sounds of the language, describing people, places, things and actions, to speaking in sentences and developing accurate pronunciation.

Part 1 of the series is aimed at pupils in Years 3 and 4 and Part 2 is aimed at Year 5 and 6 pupils.

What we have done is broken down the language into manageable chunks and presented these chunks in a manner which enables pupils to understand and use the language and confidently converse in French.

Topics covered in Part 1 include greetings, classroom objects, colours, clothing, days of the week and parts of the body to name a few.

Topics covered in Part 2 include numbers, going on holiday, leisure activities, time, my day, food and drink and the weather.

There are more details and sample pages on our website at the following links:

Hexagonie, Part 1

Hexagonie, Part 2

We have created a chart giving some ideas about delivering the new curriculum and also showing how our resources will help you meet Mr Gove’s requirements. You can download a copy here.


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