Engage, inspire and challenge your pupils to be creative

The new National Curriculum for Art and Design expects pupils to develop a rigorous understanding of art and design and also know how art and design both influence our society. Use our resources to help you achieve these aims.

To be able to draw and paint effectively pupils need to grasp the key skills and practise them to become proficient artists. The Drawing is a Class Act and Painting is a Class Act series follow a structured skills-based approach to achieve this. Skills are introduced progressively with well-documented lesson plans, followed by a practice session. Children’s original works are showcased for every lesson.

In Drawing is a Class Act chapters cover line, tone, texture, pattern, looking, figures and faces, chalk and charcoal. The importance of using sketch books is highlighted with practical activities to make the most of them – from recording observations to reviewing and revisiting ideas. Painting is a Class Act includes colour mixing, colour theory and watercolours as well as the history of painting using works of art and other techniques and media.

Challenge children to experiment, invent and create works of art from an original idea and watch their confidence and self-esteem grow. 100+ Fun ideas for Art Activities contains easy to prepare activities that will engage, inspire and challenge pupils to develop and improve their techniques in a range of materials.

Introducing pupils to great artists, their works, styles and techniques by engaging in activities inspired by those great artists will leave them better able to evaluate and analyse creative works. Discovering Great Artists contains child-tested activities ranging from painting and drawing to sculpture, photography and architecture. Researching the influences on artists helps pupils to understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms.

You will find many sample resources available on our website so you can ‘try before you buy’. Most of our resources are also available as e-books, making it easy for you to display them on an Interactive White Board or print out only the pages you need.

Our 2014 Art and Design catalogue is now available to download from our website.


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