Get dramatic with grammar

The last place you might expect to find drama is in the teaching of grammar.  And yet between the full stops and the capital letters, there is movement …

The pupils in the classroom are out of their seats. They move around, co-operating with each other to complete the challenges set, posing as punctuation characters and joining together to make structured sentences.

Using movement, speech and drama is a very different approach to the teaching of grammar, punctuation and spelling from worksheets and reading schemes.

But this novel approach works because children do want to be clearly understood and thoroughly enjoy dramatic activities focusing on creating and receiving instructions and then acting upon them.

Opportunities to absorb ideas, skills and understanding through speech, movement and social interactions benefit all pupils and encourage them to feel, understand and remember on a deeper level.

As a result they can retain and draw on their stored knowledge whenever they need it in the future.

Our Teaching Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling through Drama resource offers opportunities for healthy competition between individuals and groups and for pupils to challenge themselves while working together.

In this way everybody can learn how to make themselves more clearly understood and how to understand others.  This makes the learning of literacy through drama constructive, enjoyable and memorable for all pupils.

You can view the contents page and a few free sample resources on our website. Ordering is easy and secure through our website and there is an ebook version so you can save postage and get immediate access to the activities.


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