“My pupils are now efficient and successful language learners!”

We always love to hear what customers think of our books, which is one of the reasons we like going to exhibitions. We come away with lots of feedback about what people like about our books and also great suggestions for new titles. At the Language Show last year we were delighted to meet Rosaline Guy, who teaches French at three primary schools in Harrow – Middlesex. She was so complimentary about Maria Rice-Jones’ books – Hexagonie and Unforgettable French – that we asked if she could put pen to paper.

Here’s what she sent us. Milles mercis Roseline!

I first bought Unforgettable French a couple of years ago – absolutely brilliant. It made explaining the concept of masculin and féminin so much easier and so much more accessible to my learners: they love the stories and they sure remember them! And that is just one example.


As a French national – educated in France until the age of 20 – who has been living in the UK for over 30 years, a lot of the subtleties of my own language have been in my bank of knowledge for years – learned and accepted.

I have taught French in primary for 25 years now and have developed a huge bank of resources – using a mix of bought materials and homemade ones. The extent of grammar taught in primary is not great, but nevertheless there. I have always tried to give – and develop with – my students tricks to remember vocabulary, language structures and grammar.

I bought Hexagonie 2 at the Language Show in October – to use mainly with my Year 5s and 6s. Again, I love the Hexagonie stories, the memory tricks, the worksheets and the CD. So do my students!

Unforgettable French and Hexagonie have certainly broadened the range of tricks I can give my students to enable them to come to grips with all the “difficult bits” in French and enable them to become more efficient and successful language learners.

I have also been supporting two of my friends’ children for their GCSE and now at A level. When I introduced them to Unforgettable French their reaction was: “I wish I had been taught grammar and language structures in this way in primary and secondary: the memory tricks would have helped me remember it all so much better!”

With MFL teaching at Key Stage 2 becoming at long last compulsory from September 2014, Maria Rice-Jones’ method and books will certainly be invaluable tools to any MFL teacher – especially newly qualified teachers or non-specialists.

So MILLE MERCIS Maria Rice-Jones for producing such brilliant and effective materials.

Roseline Guy
French Teacher at three primary schools in Harrow – Middlesex

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