Easter eggs taste the same in any language

Chocolat, Schokolade, chocolate – whatever language you are teaching, Easter eggs are bound to get your pupils’ interest!

Challenge your pupils to design and play an Easter Egg Hunt game. Not only will it provide them with lots of opportunities for practising speaking, it will also help them to intercultural understanding.

Designing a game is just one of the many activities in our Festivals and Traditions resources, which are available for KS2 French, Spanish and German.

Prompt your students to research Easter celebrations in other countries, such as Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Spain and Osterfeuer (Easter fires) in Germany.

You could also have some fun on April Fools Day.
Can your pupils find out why April Fool’s Day is called Poisson d’avril in France?

How about writing some ‘knock, knock’ jokes in the language they are learning such as,
Toc, toc
Qui est là?
Anni qui?

Klopf, klopf
Wer ist da?
Tom wer?

Our Festivals and Traditions resources provide intercultural ideas for every month of the year. For each festival and tradition you will find background information, key vocabulary, detailed lists of possible teaching activities and optional photocopiable sheets.

There is also a section with detailed plans for organizing a language day in your school – an ideal way to raise the profile of modern foreign languages and enthuse both staff and children.


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