Use World Cup fever as a learning tool

The World Cup – you know you can’t ignore it, so embrace it instead.

Use this unique sporting opportunity to encourage literacy. Many reluctant readers just need to find the one story that captures their imagination to turn them into readers.

Cats and dogs, strawberries and cream, boys and football, some things just go together …

Are your pupils football crazy? Are they excited about the World Cup in Brazil this year?

We bet they are!

Use that excitement and enthusiasm to get your children actively reading by introducing them to Sam.

Sam is football crazy and with his friends by his side he is unbeatable. It is his dream to play for England, maybe even in the World Cup one day.

Until that day comes, read all about him getting better at football with his mates, while your pupils get better at reading!

There are two series, each of 6 books. The books get progressively harder as you work through the series.

To make sure your emerging readers really get to grips with the stories there are teacher resources of photocopiable worksheets available that are designed to build on the stories, and help develop key literacy skills.

But don’t take our word for it. We have 500 copies of Football Crazy, the first book in the first series, to give away. To get a FREE copy, simply email me ( with your name and postal address, and we will put a copy in the post to you.

Free sample pages from all the books are available on our website. Find them by using the links below:

Sam’s Football Stories, Set A

Your Chance to Score (teacher’s resource for Set A)

Sam’s Football Stories, Set B

Are You on the Ball? (teacher’s resource for Set B)

You could be reading the first set of these books now. Download the e-books and start enjoying the football!


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