Cooking, nutrition, healthy eating and the School Food Plan

As the Department for Education says in its School Food Plan document, the plan is about good food, happiness and the pleasures of growing, cooking and eating proper food. At the same time it is also about improving the academic performance of children and the health of the nation. So in short it is about pretty much everything.

The problem is that each and every school starts its journey through the School Food Plan from a different position.  To give just two examples, some schools have a teaching kitchen, some don’t have access to an oven.  But everyone’s got to engage with the Plan.

So how are we going to do this?

Our answer is provided in “Get Cooking in the Primary Classroom” which has been designed to support schools as they work to comply with the School Food Plan.

The book provides a step-by-step approach specifically following the National Curriculum targets for cooking and includes tasks to help children not only cook, but also develop skills in food handling and learn about healthy eating.

There is also a strong emphasis on understanding how food plays a part in the world around us, along with a range of cross-curricular links.

Each of the 15 recipes is designed so that it can be tackled no matter what facilities are available and so that the resultant food can go home with the child to share and demonstrate his/her new skills to their family.

Additionally there are teaching notes which offer suggestions on both how to increase or decrease the skills demanded of the recipe thus allowing the recipes to be used through the whole age range of the school.

The contents pages, introduction and the Saucy Fish Pie recipe are available to download on our website.

You can order Get Cooking in the Classroom in any of these ways:

On our website
By phone on 01449 766629
By fax on 01449 767122
By email to


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