Learn French through stories

When Barbara Scanes, the author of Learn French with Luc et Sophie, suggested writing stories to teach French from Year 3, I wasn’t sure how it would work. Would we be able to make the storylines simple enough, while being engaging at the same time? I needn’t have worried.

In the first book, Bonjour, maman tries to wake up Luc and Sophie. She calls out ‘Bonjour Luc! Bonjour Sophie!  Levez-vous!’ The children stay fast asleep. What can she do to make them wake up?

The story is told via speech bubbles and is a fabulous way of introducing children to useful commands such as ‘levez-vous’ and ‘écoutez’.

Bonjour-Luc-et-SophieThe book can be bought on it’s own, as part of the Year 3/4 Starter Pack or in a class set with all 14 storybooks for Years 3/4.


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