Use French stories to learn to describe other people

In Il est grand et gros, the fourteenth story in Learn French with Luc et Sophie, 2ème Partie, Henri and Daniel are looking at Luc’s family photos. Luc points out various family members and tells them all about them. Who is the ugly baby with a bald head?

The story is told via speech bubbles and simple text and is a fabulous way of introducing describing how other people look.


As with all Luc et Sophie stories, there’s a twist at the end. Barbara Scanes, the author, says that she used her own children (who are now in their 20s!) as role models when thinking of what Luc et Sophie would do.

The book can be bought on it’s own, as part of the Year 5/6 Starter Pack or in a class set with all 14 storybooks for Years 5/6.



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