Teaching French prepositions and transport

Sometimes students find it difficult to remember whether to use the preposition ‘en’ or ‘à’ when talking about going somewhere using transport. Here is a simple memory trick that will help you to remember when to use each one.

Ask yourself: is there an engine in the means of transport? If there is, you say ‘en’ before it, as ‘en’ is at the beginning of ‘engine’.

If there isn’t an engine, you cannot say ‘en’ so use the first letter of the alphabet ‘a’ and add a grave accent to it: ‘à’. (A motorbike originally was a bike to which an engine was added. Therefore we say ‘à moto’ and not ‘en moto’.)

Here’s a PowerPoint you can use to teach this memory trick to your students.


This memory trick is taken from Unforgettable French: Memory Tricks to Help you Learn and Remember French Grammar and Vocabulary.


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