Sometimes the hardest words are the littlest ones

When learning a foreign language, often the short connecting words are the hardest to learn. This is a real shame as they are the ones you need to create more interested sentences. You can use memory tricks you can use to teach these key words:

For example:

pendant = during
In the word ‘during‘ there is ‘ring‘. However, the French do not use the equivalent word. Instead they use ‘pendant’ which is another piece of jewellery.

même = even
Both ‘même’ and ‘even’ contain four letters, with two letters in common. We could say that the French word ‘même’ means ‘even’ because if we imagine putting the word ‘même’ on an old traditional scale, it would be ‘even’ (balanced).

Here’s a PowerPoint to help you present these memory tricks (and others) for little connecting words.

French–Important little words

These memory tricks are taken from Unforgettable French: Memory Tricks to Help you Learn and Remember French Grammar and Vocabulary.



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