Games to make your sports day outstanding

Does your sports day include the same games every year? Are you in need of some new ideas? Try these easy-to-follow activities that require minimal equipment.

With handy tips and suggestions for further development these activities ensure all children remain engaged and challenged according to their ability. The games complement the September 2014 National Curriculum Physical Education requirements and will enable you to deliver an outstanding sports day with maximum pupil participation.

Sweet pea (an activity using tennis balls)

Challenge:  Pairs of children sit back to back with a tennis ball suspended between them. They must endeavour to stand without the ball dropping to the floor.

Tip: Participants should start with their legs outstretched in front of them. Hands are not permitted to touch the floor.

Development: If successful, children can try to sit down again and repeat the challenge without repositioning the tennis ball.

Hip hop (an activity using beanbags)

Challenge:  Participants race against each other by hopping on one leg with a beanbag secured in the crook of their other knee. Should a competitor overbalance or drop the beanbag they must return to the start.

Tip: Looking straight ahead and avoiding the tendency to look down helps children concentrate on maintaining balance.

Development: Try the same activity with two or even more beanbags.

Gold run (an activity using hoops)

Challenge:  Two teams compete against each other to cover a gap, positioning their hoops to allow them to stand linking arms. The child at the back of the line must run to reposition their hoop at the front before linking arms once more. The winning team is the first chain to cross over the finishing line

Tip: A team can disrupt their opposition’s progress by directing their chain across the intended course, enforcing a lengthy detour.

Development: Try competing with teams of unequal numbers. Is it beneficial to have greater or fewer team players?

These ideas are taken from our 50 Brilliant PE Challenges series of 3 books, each containing a variety of individual, group and class activities, designed to develop skills, foster enjoyment and promote physical exercise.



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