Encouraging reading by exploring the traditions

The requirement that pupils should develop pleasure in reading by becoming familiar with, among other things, fairy stories and traditional tales has long been with us.

Fairy tales and traditions feature in the KS1 English Programmes of Study which is why we have published Understanding Traditional Stories: a photocopiable teacher resource book containing a range of fairy tales, fables and folk stories from around the world.These include: The Hare and the Tortoise (Greece), The Gingerbread Man (America), The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Norway), The Ugly Duckling (Denmark), Cinderella (France), Goldilocks and the Three Bears (England), and The Three Little Pigs (England).

The traditional stories are accompanied by numerous photocopiable activities which develop pupils’ comprehension and reading skills and, more specifically, their ability to decode words, retrieve information, express opinion and use inference and deduction skills.

The speaking and listening activities for each story supports the expectations of the curriculum which emphasises the importance of pupils developing such skills.

What’s more, some of the suggested follow up activities are cross-curricular, linking to subject areas such as PSHE and science.

You can order the Understanding Traditional Stories resource on our website. Here you can also find out more about the book and download the Ant and the Grasshopper story to explore with your children.


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