Getting pupils to learn French is easy …

… it’s getting them to remember what they’ve learnt that’s the hard part!

It is often argued that for pupils to successfully learn French, the learning techniques should focus much more on memory than they do on the language itself.

Which is why we have developed Unforgettable French – a teaching resource that uses memory tricks, including association, illustrations, colour coding, and stories to ensure the French that is learnt will not be forgotten.

Also included in the resource are a wealth of activities and exercises so the pupils can check that they have understood the lesson, and so you can easily track their progress.

Unforgettable French is suitable for learners of all ages and has been designed to be used as a revision aid, to complement existing French teaching schemes, and to improve confidence among all in French speaking.

What’s more, the resource has been updated to meet the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum which specifies that pupils should gain a firm understanding of grammar and have the ability to manipulate the language.

You can download our How French Works flowchart showing the most logical way of introducing French grammar and vocabulary using the Unforgettable method.


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