National Poetry Day – 8th October

The theme for this year’s poetry day is ‘light’. Why not use activities around our Sun Candle poem to mark the day.

Sun Candle  by John Rice

The sun is like a searchlight;
it scorns, it scalds, it scorches.
The light of stars is dimmer,
a swarm of distant torches.

The planets shed their lamplight,
ashen grey or pepper red:
the moonglow, pale as snowdrops,
scatters petals on my bed.

Appreciate the words that this poem uses. Pick out the words that the children think are most
effective. Look for alliteration, look for metaphor; describe light in the form of a poem.

This poem is one of over 70 included in our Fun with Poems resource. Topics range from light to stars, friends to grandparents and shopping to food. Each has ideas for making the most out of using the poem with your class.


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