Celebrate National Poetry Day with your younger pupils

National Poetry Day is tomorrow, Thursday 8th October. The theme this year is ‘light’.

It is never too soon to start introducing children to songs and rhymes. The youngest babies are comforted by the rise and fall of a familiar voice and soon make the connection between vocal sounds and facial expressions. Even at an early stage of children’s development, action rhymes and songs can further encourage them to link language with movement, reinforcing familiar words and developing new ones.

But, what is equally important, poetry fosters a love of rhythm and rhyme which lays the foundations to an understanding of the patterns of language, mathematics and music.

Why not share this action rhyme with your young children for National Poetry Day?

Day and Night
Here is the sun that shines by day (Form a circle with fingers and thumbs of both hands together.)
Here are the children out at play (Clap hands and skip about.)
Here are the birds that flap and fly (Move arms up and down.)
Here is a fluttering butterfly (Link thumbs and flutter spread hands.)
Here is the moon that shines at night (Form a circle with fingers and thumbs of both hands together.)
Here are the children with eyes shut tight (Put two hands together beside head and close eyes.)
Here are the birds asleep in their nest (Have feet together, hands folded in front, head down.)
Here is the butterfly having a rest (Link thumbs, spread hands then gently close them together.)

This action rhyme is one of over 80 found in Fun with Action Rhymes and Poems. Topics range from seasons and shapes to colours and changes with th epoems linked to popular early years themes.

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