How Brilliant Publications got its name

I am often asked how Brilliant Publications became ‘brilliant’, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Many years ago, when I was working at Heinemann Education, I met up with my friend and author, Irene Yates, at the Education Show. While walking round the exhibition we noticed a few companies selling very poorly designed and produced photocopiable resources. (It’s hard to believe it now, but back then the idea of photocopiable resource sheets was a novel idea.)

As Irene and I were having a well-deserved cup of coffee, we turned to each other and both said at the same time, ‘We could do better than that!’ What an omen, we thought!

What started off as a random thought, gradually took shape over the course of the next year, as Irene and I continued to bounce ideas about.

We kept saying ‘that’s brilliant, that’s brilliant’ about each other’s ideas so, when we decided to form a company to put our ideas into practice, Brilliant Publications was the obvious name choice.

I have a particular reason for thinking of this story today, as Irene’s husband, Paul, died this morning. Paul had been suffering with dementia for a long time. Not only was he Irene’s husband and my close friend, he also persuaded Warwick Printing, who he was working for at the time, to give us a good printing deal on our first books. I’m still finding it hard to believe that one of the kindest, most positive people I’ve ever known is no longer with us. RIP Paul.


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