Half of all radicalisation referrals come from schools

Since July, schools have been legally bound to “take steps to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”. This has resulted in the number of referrals made from the education sector to Channel, the government’s anti-radicalisation scheme, rising from 20 in 2012/13 to 424 last year. According to the Quillam Foundation, however, 80% of these referrals are then thrown out.


There is a great fear that if a school doesn’t refer a student, they might be found to be lacking.

Teachers urgently need training about what forms of radicalisation there are, and what the signs are.  This is why we published Radicalisation and Terrorism: A Teacher’s Handbook for Preventing Extremism.


This practical handbook provides a reliable and objective resource to enable lower secondary school teachers to tackle the complex subjects of terrorism and radicalisation with confidence.

But don’t take our word for it. This is what Professor John Horgan from Georgia State University (and author of The Psychology of Terrorism) had to say about it:

“At a time when schoolteachers and other professionals are expected to do their part in preventing and reporting radicalization in their communities, there are virtually no resources to help understand and teach the complexity of terrorism in a way that is objective, balanced and accessible. We are fortunate then that Alison Jamieson and Jane Flint have produced a masterful handbook to help meet this pressing challenge. Radicalization and Terrorism: A Teacher’s Handbook for Addressing Extremism is a unique, invaluable resource that belongs in every school.”



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