What makes gold medals? A positive growth mindset!

Did you know that when Adam Peaty was 14 years old, he was swimming in the slow lane with 10-year old girls? Through a huge amount of hard work, resilience  and sacrifice (and good coaching) he’s gone on to win Gold at the Olympics.

Or how about British boxer Lawrence Okolie? He was bullied at school for being overweight. But watching the Olympics in 2012 was life-changing for him. He was so inspired by Anthony Joshua winning an Gold medal, he quit his job in a fast food restaurant and started training to be a boxer. Just four years later he is in Rio representing Great Britain.

Ben Burgess, author of the attached article (a primary headteacher and former professional footballer) argues that the word “talented” should be banned from schools due to the negative effect it has on children. Instead we should be looking for ways of developing positive growth mindsets. As Burgess says, “Obviously people are born with different physiological strengths, but so much comes down to opportunity, circumstance and a desire to work hard, overcome failures and improve.”

I, for one, hope we hear many more stories, like those of Adam Peaty and Lawrence Okolie.



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