Brilliant Publications’ after-sales service? Second to none!

We were delighted to receive the following email from one of our customers:

“I must say that the after-sales service that I have received from Brilliant Publications has been second to none.  When I wrote my original email complaining about the accuracy of the workbook, I really didn’t expect a reply.  So to have received several emails plus PDF versions of your publications – this is really very impressive.”

If you like Brilliant Publications, tell others. If you don't, tell us!

Now, obviously, we weren’t happy to realise that there was an error in one of our books – after all they are each proofread by at least three people before they are published – but mistakes sometimes happen. When we received the customer’s email, we immediately did several things:

  • We wrote to thank her for contacting us and promised to send her a revised copy of the book as soon as possible
  • We also sent her a free ebook of one of our other titles, to thank her for her help
  • We amended the book and updated the ebook version of the book on our website straight away
  • We reprinted the book and scrapped all the incorrect copies left in our warehouse
  • We contacted all the customers who ordered the book direct from us, sending them corrected pages (unfortunately we have no way of tracing customers who purchase the books from other sellers, so weren’t able to contact them)
  • We put an addendum on our website.

All in a day’s work here at Brilliant Publications! (Fortunately, days like this don’t happen very often. Most of the time we are busy trying to create great educational resources that both teachers and pupils will enjoy using.)

If you have any comments on our books or our service – good or bad – please do contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


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