Free Speaking and Listening activities linked to the Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage

Speaking and listening are skills that we often take for granted, and yet it can take us years to grasp them and even longer to really master them. However, it is only when these skills have been gained at a basic level that one can begin to fine-tune them.

Which is why it is so important to teach speaking and listening to the Early Years, and why we are giving away several activities from our popular volume, “Speaking and Listening Activities for the Early Years”, free of charge.

Request your free Speaking & Listening activities here.

Speaking and Listening Activities for the Early Years contains 70 practical activities for developing speaking and listening skills in children aged 2–5 years old. The activities are linked to all the prime and specific areas of the Statutory Framework for EYFS and will enable practitioners to support children’s development throughout the foundation stage and to assess and monitor their progress.

These enjoyable and productive play activities help children to develop the skills needed to listen, understand, express themselves and enjoy language. When children learn to express themselves clearly and to listen to others, they benefit from improved social skills and a greater self-confidence.

The vital communication skills covered in this book will not only provide children with the language skills they will need to succeed at school, they will also enable them to develop friendships and the ability to work cooperatively.

You can order the full volume on our website for £18.50 as a printed book, £12.99 as an e-book or both for £22.40. Go to

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